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A good friend from high school has a pretty cool blog about, well, just stuff, really. Stuff that interests her. Anyway she propositioned me to create a new banner for her. To tell you the truth as excited as I was, I was just sitting on it. Not really sure where I should go with it. She gave me a bunch of ideas, but I just couldn’t think of anything. Finally I had inspiration. So the name of her blog “A Piece of that Blog” was inspired by a part in the movie “Nacho Libre”, where Nacho, our hero, is at his first Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling Match) and he yells at some people in the crowd to save him “a piece of that corn!”

Having served a mission for my church in Sacramento to the Hispanic community, I have first had knowledge of this corn on a stick. It’s called an Elote. What they do is they take the corn, put some mayonnaise on it, and then sprinkle some cotija cheese and chilli powder on top of that. Let’s just say I had it only once. So what I decided to do was go with that idea of the corn on the cob.

I played with circles to get the bumpy surface of the corn kernel, duplicated all of those circles, removed some, changed the color to a cream color and added little red spots to make the chili powder. Originally I was going to use type for the name of the blog, but I had an even better thought. Why not make the chili powder the name? For this project it was my main stroke of genius. I also incorperated some of the things that I know she loves, just to make it more her own.

Now, if she decides to use it, awesome! If not…. it was fun to make any way.


P.S. As this project grows and develops, I will post the progress.

P.P.S. Click on the image to check out A Piece of that Blog!!


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