Film – My First Attempt

I recently inherited a 35mm Canon AE-1 camera from my grandfather. He passed away almost 10 years ago and my sister was holding on to it. With it there was an unused roll of 800 ISO film that had been sitting in my sister’s garage. The camera was in need of a new battery, which took me a little while to find, but it was still in good working order. I loaded the film (I had to look up how to do so in a youtube video…) and started taking shots. To make sure I had the right settings for the camera, I took a shot with my DSLR first and then copied the settings on the AE-1 and took the same shot.

After taking the film to a local camera store and getting it processed, I found that either I did something really wrong, or the film was just not in good condition. But it was fun figuring out how to use it. Here’s what I got:

They are not the greatest in the world but I was surprised that I got anything at all. I have another roll of film I found and hope to get some better shots with it. It was also in the garage so my hopes aren’t super high.

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  1. Mama Bynum says:

    I’m sure it was the heat that ate up the film. Plus, that roll could have been 15+ years old. Remember, Papa’s last several years were consumed with health issues.

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