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As a designer sometimes I don’t have really anything to work on so I instead play. Playing with Photoshop has been the best way for me to learn new things. With the rally season starting up, the rally series that I volunteer with is fortunate enough to start a new rally in Utah, outside of Cedar City. This means that there needs to be logos, posters, and a lot of other things requiring some form of design element. So I decided that I would play. The first thought that went through my head about Utah wasn’t that it’s full of members of the LDS church, but that it’s called the beehive state.

Here’s some back story about the nick name: When Utah applied for statehood in the leaders of the state wanted to call it Deseret. In the LDS faith the name Deseret has roots in one of the stories found in the Book of Mormon. The story is about a family that left Babylon at the time of the Tower of Babel. When God confounded the languages, this family was spared and lead to a Promised Land; the American continent. When this family left, they took with them Deseret, or what we call the honeybee.

Eventually Utah got it’s statehood but was told that they could not call the state Deseret, but rather Utah, after the Ute tribes from the area. The theme, and consequently the nick name, stuck. Now you may be asking, “why is this guy rambling on and on about this junk?” well this nick name was the inspiration for my original designs.


This first design was not only inspired by the honeybee but also a very well known Bee in the motoring world. The Super Bee. The Super Bee was a Dodge muscle car made from 1968-1971. Dodge then in recent years brought back the idea with the Rumble Bee, which was a supped up Dodge Ram only offered from 2004-2005.

With my design I wanted to ensure there was a rally feel, the main things that call out rally are the wheels and the helmet. Because of the rally influences, I call this the Rally Bee. Here are some more variations on the theme:



Being the child I am I played around some more and made another logo with a focus on the beehive idea:


I have some mixed feeling about this logo, I think it could use more work to be honest. I really like how the beehive turned out overall, but I kept getting this feeling that it looked more like a bank logo than a rally logo. So ultimately I didn’t pursue it.

I took my Rally Bee concept and shared it with the rally organizer, just to see what she would say. She didn’t go for it. Se la vie. So they say. She provided some more direction in what she was looking for in a logo so I came up with these two ideas:




I scored with these! No, they may not be as interesting as the Rally Bee (which I hope to use on something some day), but it was what she was looking for. The chrome version is currently the header for the Rally Utah website and the blue version will be used for the doors on the competitor’s cars just above their number. In addition to having done these I was commissioned to make the posters for Rally Utah but one of the other rallies in the series.

Here’s to more rallies and more design!

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