A terribly long post about cars, photography and my discovery of the perfect marriage of the two.

So for this post I wanted to show some of the pictures I’ve taken. To do this I wanted to start out with a bit of a story. Ever since I was little I have loved cars, particularly older cars. the first car that I can remember that we owned was this green 1970’s Chevy Bel Air. One of my dad’s  favorite cars of all time is the 1964 Ford Falcon. He had (and still does, in my garage in fact) a ’64 Falcon Wagon that sat in the back yard with the engine sitting next to it. He also had a ’64 Falcon Sprint. I loved these cars.

My dad also shared with me his love of other classic cars. Deuce Coupe, ’40 Ford, ’57 Bel Air, you name it… what I fell in love with most was the ’63 Corvette. What I liked most about it was the split window in the back. I’ve loved Vettes ever since.

With the Vette came that more sports car feel in the ’80s and ’90s and less of the muscle car thing. I still love an awesome muscle car. There’s nothing like going as fast as you can in a straight line. But what I started to look at were the exotics. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston-Martin, etc. Now these were cool. Sleek and refined. They could take corners. I didn’t know real cars could do this! (It sounds ridiculous, I know…)

With the new found love of more modern cars, my mom was able to secure some tickets to the national auto show in 2003. The National Auto Show is an event where all the different car makers showcase that year’s models. So my dad and I went and loved it. We perused some the more average cars and hovered more around the less than average cars. We even got to sit is some of them. Of course we went to the exotics (which you could only look and not touch, much less sit in!). That’s when I discovered that I was too tall to sit in an MR2.

And then it happened. It was truly love at first sight. We walked into the Subaru section. They had a video playing of this Finnish guy driving this little blue car around on a dirt road at about 60 miles and our… sideways… I was floored. This was it. There was no other sport in the world that compared to this. Peter Soleberg was my new favorite sports icon. World Rally just became known to me.

Now moving on, in the last two years I picked up a new hobby that I never thought I would like. Graphic design. With the graphic design I realized that I did not like the free stock photos that were out there. So I decided to take my own. I purchased a Canon Rebel T3 just for that purpose. I started playing with it, and getting to know what it could do. My first photos were decent enough. I did some stuff for work, taking portraits for different people and getting pictures of events. It was fun.

At about this time I got to know a guy at work pretty well and learned that he too was into photography. But not just any photography, Motorsport photography. He gave me the name of his website and I started looking at his pictures. I was really excited to learn that he had been to several rallies. So I asked if I could go with him to one of the rallies. He said sure!

My first ever rally was the Desert Storm Rally in Blythe, California. It was awesome. I had the idea that I wanted to get really close shots of the cars as they went by. Later through this year my buddy and I went to several more rallies. We went to Clearlake, California, Kingman, Arizona and Prescott, Arizona. So now we come to the point of this really long post. Pictures. Specifically of motorsports. And even more specifically of rally.


Desert Storm Rally 2013


Desert Storm Rally 2013


Desert Storm Rally 2013


Mendocino Rally 2013


Mendocino rally 2013


Mendocino Rally 2013


Mendocino Rally 2013


Arizona Extreme Short Course 2013


Arizona Extreme Short Course 2013


Arizona Extreme Short Course 2013


Arizona Extreme Short Course 2013


Prescott Rally 2013


Prescott Rally 2013


Prescott Rally 2013


Prescott Rally 2013


All pictures can be found at turndriver.com.

Featured image credit Sebastian Krywult

2 responses to “A terribly long post about cars, photography and my discovery of the perfect marriage of the two.”

  1. Scott Bynum says:

    Just a slight correction or two: the Chevy was a ’64 Biscayne wagon with a great story behind it; the other Falcon was a 4-door Futura. (If it had been a Sprint, I would have found a way to keep it, hehe..)

  2. Daniel Bynum says:

    shows how much I know… That’s why I keep you around.

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