Ty and Rhi Wedding

I was asked by my cousin to photograph his wedding. Knowing the bride, I wasn’t sure I was the right choice, but she persisted. I did some research to find out what the best lenses were for a wedding, this having only been my second wedding shoot. I decided that I needed a 50mm lens to get the best results. Luckily, my sister-in-law had one and she let me borrow it. So I shot the wedding and it has been my absolute favorite shoot to date. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

_MG_0019 _MG_0029 _MG_0063 _MG_0077 _MG_0086 _MG_0092 _MG_0136 _MG_0158 _MG_0163 _MG_0191 _MG_0208 _MG_0322 _MG_0344 _MG_0350 _MG_0368 _MG_0385 _MG_0410 _MG_0438 _MG_0444 _MG_0450 _MG_0457 _MG_0466 _MG_0491

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